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4 Ring Design Ideas for Men if You are Seeking Some Inspiration

We understand that it could be a little overwhelming for you when you are finding an engagement ring for your partner. For men, there aren’t many engagement ring options for men, but that doesn’t mean that you gift him a simple, plain Jane ring. The best option here is to get the engagement ring customized! Here are some of the best ideas for custom men’s engagement rings if you are seeking inspiration.

  1. Bezel settings

Diamonds in prong settings are for the feminine rings, but a bezel setting provides a less flashy and a masculine look for a man’s diamond engagement ring. In a bezel setting, the diamonds are surrounded by the metal to offer it extra protection and hold the piece securely in place. This setting is perfect for all men, particularly those who are living in fairly active lifestyles and have no concerns about the diamond on their ring setting loose.

  1. Detailed bands

Men have a chance to be creative when it comes to designing their custom engagement ring. Rather than selecting a plain Jane metal band, men should opt for detailed band that is compatible with their personality as well as style. If you love nature, find a way to integrate your love for the nature into your wedding band. You can go for a leaf crown around the band. It is the perfect way to add personality and guaranteeing your ring is exceptional from the others.

  1. Yellow gold

Men tend to stick to white gold or platinum for their engagement or wedding band, but if you want to try something unconventional, go for a gents ring gold band instead. This band is yellow gold and can be worn by anyone, but it is especially beautiful on men with olive or dark skin tones. Apart from its attractive look, yellow gold is also one of the most malleable materials used for the engagement rings. In other words, it is easily resizable if needed.

  1. Cut outs

In order to make your custom engagement ring unique, you can add a cut out design to the band. This trend has been on the rise in the jewelry department recently. A delicate cut out design is edgy in nature so it is ideal for the top notch man. If you don’t want the cut out to create any distraction from the rest of the ring, you can put it on the side of the band so that you can only view it from a certain angle in such a way that others might want to have a look at your special ring.

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