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Evan Rubinson: A Force of Nature in the Musical Instrument Industry 

For Evan Rubinson the music industry has always come naturally. His father created a musical instrument company, so being around music started at an early age. Now, he is the founder of ERA Music Brands and was the leader of a number of internationally famous musical instrument brands. Over time, he had also become a co-owner of three brands, adding to his influence in the industry.

Eventually, he decided to step down from the daily operations of numerous musical instrument manufacturers and focus on the development of his own brand. Now he has a musical instrument and accessories conglomerate that continues to grow. He is the brand-builder and founder, and the work he has to do for all of those roles spans from the simplest of administrative tasks all the way through high-end decision-making to ensure the health of the company.

Evan Rubinson has been featured in magazines around the globe throughout his musical career, and he also has a bachelor of arts degree from Duke University. Before he chose to move into the music industry he was focused on a career in finance and investment. He developed a hedge fund that was centered around healthcare, and continues to pursue investments in biotechnology and real estate.

That allows him to work in more industries than just music, keeping him moving forward in a number of fields that hold his interest and provide value for his future. Evan Rubinson knows that philanthropy is a great way to help others and contribute to the world, so he donates his time and money to his university, as well as other educational institutions and groups that support others. Know more about Evan Rubinson on tycoonstory.com

Because Evan Rubinson grew up around music, it was only natural that he would continue to move in that direction, even with an interest in finance and other areas. Coupling everything he enjoys and finding ways to fit it all into his day means that he gets up around 5:30 in the morning to get started. He has a few things he wants to do every day before 8:30, including being thankful for what he has and spending time with his dogs.

At 8:30 he officially starts his workday, which is usually full of meetings, calls, and emails. The day ends around 6pm, and he always makes sure to carve out some time after that, where he can spend part of the evening analyzing data from the company and working on new concepts and ideas.

Evan Rubinson is very driven to succeed, but he also has a strong passion for the music industry and what he enjoys doing. That makes a big difference when it comes to advancing his goals and keeping his company growing. Prioritization of important tasks, along with multitasking, are both areas where he sees a lot of benefit. Valuing people and taking calculated risks are two of the biggest ways he has gotten ahead in his industry, and these aspects will likely serve him well for the foreseeable future. Read: https://thebossmagazine.com/evan-rubinson-hiring-tips/

Evan Rubinson is the founder and leader at ERA Brands, a sales and marketing company in the greater Tampa area. ERA Brands was founded and launched in June of 2022. The company is designed to help manufacturers and distributors to drive their business and increase sales through both traditional venues and online venues. All in all, the company helps both new and established companies explore new ways to distribute their products and increase the profits of the business. While this is Mr. Rubinson’s newest venture, he has a solid background in the industry.

Evan Rubinson graduated from high school and then went on to study at Duke University, focusing on economics and public policy. He graduated in 2014 from Duke University. As he was going to school, he was also working hard to establish a name for himself. He worked as a private equity analyst at Prometheus Partners during the summer of 2012. During the summer of 2013, he worked as an international sales strategist and financial analyst at Armadillo Enterprises. Having these summer positions allowed Mr. Rubinson the ability to gain real world experience while also receiving a quality education.

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Once Evan Rubinson, graduated, he became a portfolio manager at a financial services company. He held that position for two years, until June of 2016. In June of 2016, Mr. Rubinson started his first company on his own. He was the co-founder at Koroit Capital. He held that position for over six and a half years. He also opened a company called Concordia Investment Partners and became the co-founder. That company was opened in April of 2018. This means that at this time, Evan Rubinson is currently the co-founder of three different companies.

Evan Rubinson is still fairly young, but he is making a name for himself in the financial world. He has already founded three different businesses, each of them slightly different, yet each one of them has been successful. The future is bright for Mr. Rubinson and it will be interesting to see what else he does in his life. View more about Evan Rubinson on pinterest.com

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