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Funny and Sweet Ideas to Make Your Prom Night Even More Special

Yes, prom night is the special event of your life, have you ever considered the same about prom day? Feel free to take some edge off the stress by planning some great funny, silly, and sweet ideas for the things to do while you are expecting your date to show up. We have listed a few ‘too good to be true’ ideas related to usual prom pictures and activities. Read on.

  1. Make a spa day of it… for KIDS!

Prom nights must definitely be special, but what have you got to lose if you make the entire day special, sort of a warm up event to prepare you for the best event of your life. To begin, you can make the prom day as the spa day and help each other get ready for the event. If you want to make it hysterically funny, you can prepare and apply a face mask that you can eat as well.

  1. Watch a prom movie, or maybe a scary one.

During the spa time, you can also watch a movie related to prom parties or maybe even a horror movie. Here are a few movies you can consider:

Prom Movies Scary Movies
10 Things I Hate About You It
Mean Girls Get Out
Footloose The Conjuring
Pretty in Pink The Exorcist
She’s All That Split
  1. Book a hotel room for pre-prom makeovers

If you want your preparations to go more formal, be our guest! You can consider booking a room in a hotel that has spa services such as massage. So, plan up a budget beforehand and make sure you save enough money and help each other for hair and makeup, but splurge on a soothing massage.

  1. Spend a few moments of one-on-one with your prom date

Congratulations, if you guys are already a couple! You can plan for something romantic like a picnic together or just take some time in the car before you head for the festivities. It is also a very good time to thank your date for all the trouble they went through, also, if they paid for the tickets or rented a car for both of you.

  1. Do not miss the after-prom party

No matter if it is a formal affair conducted by the school or a group heading to the beach or just to hang out in someone’s backyard—even if you are wearing a dress from a boutique that is the world’s largest Sheri Hill retailer, do not let the night end when you step out of the door after the last dance.

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