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However we turn or reverse it: saving money remains difficult. What do you do if you’ve come up with a savings goal and set up an automatic debit to your savings account, and still don’t want it to work (quickly) enough? You probably haven’t thought of these unique ways to save money.

Go for a no-spend monday to save money

Take up the challenge and try not to open your wallet at all one day a week. Monday is a good day for this, as you probably haven’t planned much out of the ordinary after the busy weekend. Is this challenge too easy for you? Then go for a no-spend month. One month in which you do not spend more than your monthly costs, so that you can save this. It’s also a good way to become aware of where your money isn’t going.

Keep a money journal for a week

Only for seven days. You can even do it in your notes on your phone. Write down literally everything you spend (including in the supermarket) so that you can see exactly how all those small expenses mean that you have no money left at the end of the month. You will recognize patterns and also think twice about every purchase you make.

Do you notice that the week is a success and that you can save more afterwards? Then try to repeat it once in a while.

Only spend cash for a week

Another way to become more aware of exactly how much money you spend (and therefore save more money) is to spend a week in cash only. Pin a certain amount at the beginning of the week. So it is also immediately a challenge – do you know how to make ends meet with that money? You will be surprised how quickly you spend the money.

Unsubscribe emails to save

Every day you are seduced by every webshop where you have ever bought something. Oh, 50 percent off? Then you actually save money, right? Unsubscribing from these emails will save you a lot of impulse purchases. There are also a lot of other saving tips in the field of clothing. From buying more second-hand to figuring out your wardrobe to rediscover old clothes that you never put on again. Here you can get all the supports from https://valuenetworksandcollaboration.com/evergreen-wealth-formula-review/

Write down purchases before you buy them

Are you looking around Bol.com or another website and see something you would like to buy? Write it down and leave it for a while. If you’re still thinking about it after two weeks, go ahead and buy it . But often you will see that you can live without that item.

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