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New York Internship Program

Want to find a job in New York (纽约找工作)? New York Dream Go study abroad integrates a number of New York company resources, carefully launched the following New York internship (纽约实习) projects: Wall Street internship (华尔街实习), Wall Street investment bank internship, real estate fund management internship, New York Bank internship, New York real estate internship etc.

Every year, many American students want to enter an internship with a US-based company (美国实习) related to their majors to gain work experience. A substantial internship can provide a good background for finding a job in New York after graduation. Especially for most international students, it is only by themselves that they want to find an internship in the United States. Nowadays, international students are fiercely competitive when they apply for jobs in the United States. If you want to find a good job in the United States, we highly recommend our boutique New York internship program.

The boutique New York International Student Internship Program is suitable for the crowd:- Undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for an internship in the United States;- Students who are ready to pursue their studies and want to improve their overall background;- Students who are ready to graduate and want to find a job in New York. Project highlights:- Gain practical experience in the industry and improve their overall strength;- Obtain internship certificates and letters of recommendation from US companies;- Establish an international perspective and high-end connections within the industry;- Opportunity to get a full time opportunity.

2. Wall Street Investment Bank Internship- Employer category: New York Wall Street Investment Bank- Job category: Analyst- Job content:A. Items that can be accessed include initial public offerings, industry analysis, valuation of listed companies, financial modeling, corporate mergers and acquisitions, etc.B. Conduct business analysis and financial modeling on its own;C. Collect and analyze industry data, make teaser and pitch book;D. Monitor financial news and understand market dynamics, investment trends and related regulations.- Suitable for students:Finance, Quantitative Finance, Accounting related majors.

New York International Student InternshipOur Wall Street Intern/Wall Street Investment Intern/Real Estate Fund Management Intern/New York Bank Intern/New York Real Estate Internship is open to F-1 visa students and J-1 visa holders. Can’t find a suitable summer internship program for international students? Come and consult us. The J-1 visa provides opportunities for foreigners to come to the United States for education and cultural exchanges. J-1 visa scholars who want to work in the United States will be subject to more restrictions than F-1 visa students, so we will match the corresponding boutique New York internship program based on the background of the J-1 exchange scholar.

International students of F-1 visas who want to work in New York need to apply for the US Internship Visa CPT/OPT, and they can start working in the US after getting the EAD card. If you have more questions regarding your H-1B application (h1b 申请), you can consult goH1B immigration lawyer (移民律师).

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