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Portable solar panels

Utility prices in our homes and business have always been a major concern to many. Over the years most people have used solar panels to cut on these utility costs. With the new technologies, solar panels have evolved from what they were a few decades ago to more efficient and affordable energy sources, not only for our homes and businesses but also for camping.

Most camping enthusiasts will agree that solar panels have saved them a lot when it comes to having a reliable and portable source of power. These portable solar panels have been one of the recent developments in the solar industry. The new generation of light, portable solar panels is intended to replace the traditional large and heavy panels that required a costly installation.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways these portable solar panels are used in camping.

Best ways in which portable solar panels are used

Portable panels are ideal for small projects. They might not be efficient for providing power for your home, but can be of great importance when small amounts of energy are required. Here are some cases you’ll find portable solar very helpful:

–    When going camping

If going camping, you should invest in folding solar panels.  This kind of portable solar panel easily fit in backpacks and will be very helpful in providing the required energy. With these portable solar panels, you can recharge your lighting equipment while camping.

Recharging RV batteries

It is possible to charge your RV batteries using a portable solar panel. You will only need to have your solar panel, an inverter and power cables. With this, you can spend long periods of dry camping and still not worry about your battery.

Charging your phone

You can recharge your laptop and your phone using solar energy. Portable phone charging solar panels at most times, won’t require you to buy an additional setup to start using them.

Benefits of a portable solar panel

They are eco-friendly

Unlike other sources of energy, the solar panels produce no emissions. Other sources of energy such as generators are known to emit fumes and create a lot of noise. The fumes at most times are harmful and make the air not conducive at all. Solar panels, on the other hand, are quite efficient and clean sources of energy. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about camping rules in most national parks since they are not prohibited. In most national parks generators have been banned for the emissions and noise they produce.

Cost saving

These portable panels are cost-efficient. With the panels, you don’t have to worry about buying fuel or oil. The panels use solar to provide free energy.

Maintenance cost

You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs with solar panels. After you have made the initial cost, there are no additional costs to incur. Taking our example, the generator, you have to bear the cost of maintenance once they start being faulty.


Portable solar panels are easy to use, compact and essential items you shouldn’t forget to carry when going out camping.

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