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Select Product Packaging by Considering These Five Factors

Product packaging has a very important role for all kind of industries however, it may not be too easy for manufacturers to select proper packaging materials as per their business needs, though there are variety of choices present nowadays.

Cost is always one of the primary concerns for all purchase managers. Besides that, the packaging material that you choose must also be very well-suited for protecting all products during storage, transportation and delivery. In addition to that, branding and visual appeal are important considerations too, especially in sectors where there is very tough competition.

Therefore, before you finalize for ordering retail boxes, consider these five factors:

  • Quality and functionality

Your materials and design can be the best but it will be successful only if your packaging is effective and can protect the product against transit damage. Therefore, ensure very high-quality packaging materials are used for keeping the products secure, till it reaches the end customer. Replacing any damaged shipments afterwards can be too costly.

  • Design, size and shape

Keeping the product packaging of any normal size and shapes is necessary for a number of reasons. It can improve convenience and flexibility during storage, transportation and handling and also can reduce production costs. Smart design choices should be used for enhancing visual appeal and brand recognition. Prefer any bold patterns or colors that can stand out from other products at retailer’s shelves.

  • Pricing and cost-savings

The cost-effectiveness of any packaging material does not depend only on material price but also on standard sizing and right kind of materials chosen. As an example, some packaging material are lighter as compared to others, that can reduce transportation cost, while some are much easier to handle so that it can boost production efficiency.

  • Storage and distribution

You also have to understand how your product moves from your production unit to its storage and distribution area and finally to your customer, so that you can select the right type of protective packaging. Consider shipments distance, modes of transportation and also storage conditions at every step, so that your product can remain undamaged throughout the handling and shipping process.

  • Long-Term ability to sustain

Choose equipment and materials that conforms to industry regulations and various legal guidelines, so that it can boost sustainable production in longer run. Focusing on sustainability as well as using recyclable packaging can create a greener and also more eco-conscious image of your company.

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