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The Easiest Ways to Determine If A Wayfarer is Fake

Instead of spending an entire fortune on imitation on Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, you can find check out for signs that will help you prevent this particular problem.

The main problem lies in the idea that you can find them almost anywhere, so you should learn how to detect a fake model.

You should know that Wayfarers have lenses and frames manufactured in Italy by following the specific finish, quality, precision, and design.

By entering here, you will visit an Ever Association that will help you determine the best course of action for eye health.

Of course, they are more expensive than imitations, but you will get the best-branded product available on the market. Imagine this process like this: you can find numerous chopper bikes, but Harley-Davison is one and only.

The same thing works for Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. If you wish to own a genuine and original item, you should avoid lousy imitations

Differences Between Imitations

It is vital to understand a few things about this particular brand before understanding the differences between fake and original models.

The Wayfarer style has entered the market in the ‘50s. However, numerous prominent and legitimate manufacturers created their versions by implementing similar frames.

Signs of a Counterfeit

Counterfeiting signs are transparent, especially if you enjoy wearing original sunglasses that will provide you peace of mind.

  • The Feel and Look – You should know that real ones are both smooth and durable to the touch. They feel well designed and substantial in your arms. A finish does not come with flaws, which means that you can temple arms without too much effort. Generally, fakes feature both flimsy and fake perspectives, which is something you should remember.
  • Lenses – The right side should feature the Ray-Ban logo in cursive letters in the top right corner. You should check out lettering by using magnifying glass because it should be clean and crisp. Imitations are jagged and messy. At the same time, left-side feature RB etched into it without glue or painted similarly as fakes.
  • Temple Arms – It is vital to check whether a logo is transparent on both temple arms, which is an important consideration. The left temple arm should feature size and model number, while the right arm should feature Hand Made in Italy WAYFARER. Fakes do not feature this particular information. You can check out the clean edges and well-defined temple arms, while fakes come with lousy print quality.
  • Hinges – Original Wayfarers feature seven prongs and metal hinges, three on one side, four on the other combined with two metal studs on half of each hinge. Imitations do not have these features but have plastic hinges that do not have the same quality.
  • Packaging – Another important consideration is that genuine Wayfarers feature distinctive boxes with logos. You should check for colours, lettering, and printing. Fakers may place fake glasses in the original packaging, which you should check out before purchasing them. A label should feature model number, manufacturer, and size. This particular type of Ray-Ban Glasses is something you can find on a link we shared with you. The numbers on the package should match the ones inside the temple arms, which is an important consideration.

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