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The Easiest Ways to Keep Snakes off your Property

Nobody wants a snake near their dwelling unless they keep snakes for a certain purpose. Having a pet snake is acceptable, but having snakes trespassing in your home is quite unsettling. It’s like having rodents walking on your property and eating crumbs in the kitchen.

Even snakes don’t like having humans around but invade humans’ homes when searching for food or just out of curiosity. Some black snakes in Florida are harmless, while others can be poisonous; either way, you should keep them away.

Here are some tactics that will help you keep the snakes away

How to Keep the Snakes Away from your House

Snakes Repellent

In most cases, if a person finds a snake slithering in their compound, the first thing they do is buy the snake-repellent chemical. However, this method is unsafe since snake repellent may harm your pets, children, people, and the environment.

That’s why you should purchase the snake repellent designed for snakes only. Additionally, you should follow the instructions carefully. Sprinkle the repellent around your yard after the days given by the repellent instructions. Some products recommend sprinkling every 30 days.

When buying snake repellent, ensure it is eco-friendly and cannot harm animals or humans.

Look for the Reason why they Come to your Property

Snakes only come to your property in search of food or shelter. Removing all the rats’ and other snakes’ food sources is the best way to keep them away. That’s why it’s recommended not to leave pet food in the open.

In addition, the snake may appear looking for shelter, so you must seal all the dam entry points. Depending on the season, you close the gaps under your house door.

Spray the snake with a hose

You can spray the snake from a distance with a hose; it will encourage it to move away. By this, you won’t be harming it, even though it’s only a temporary solution. You can rely on this method fully since the snake may return.

Trap It

If you have contacted snake removal services and want them to get rid of it, trapping it may be the best option. Trap it using an overturned garbage bin. For your safety, ensure you’re doing this if the snake is non-venomous.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water may attract snakes, so eliminate any standing water on your property, like bird baths and ponds. To ensure the snakes don’t come back, remove all standing water.

Fill the Burrow

If your property has holes, that could be the path snakes are using to come into your home. Fill all the burrows with dirt or gravel, preventing the snakes from coming through. But if there are many burrows, you can contact pest management, which specializes in burrowing pest control, in getting rid of moles, voles, and gophers.

Get Rid of the Shelter

If a snake has a shelter on your property, ensure you destroy or remove it. The possible hideouts include; tall grass and coiled hoses—firewood piles, thick bushes, etc.

Always maintain short grass and snake-repellant plants such as wormwood and marigolds. You can also snake-proof the fence using steel mesh or steel sheet, which must be three feet high or more.

Trap the Snake

You will find snake traps in stores, especially where there are high cases of snakes. Use the snake trap to catch it safely without injuring it. Once you have it, you can take it to a safe place far from your property and release it.

If you aren’t sure if the snake is venomous, don’t try it. Do this only to a harmless snake.

Use Smoke

When you smoke, you will repel snakes since they are sensitive to smoke and other smells. You can dig a fire pit and allow it to smoke for a few days. This method is effective in keeping snakes off your home without harming them.

Use Natural Predators

You can use domestic animals to keep the snakes away. These animals are natural predators of snakes; they include pigs, turkeys, cats, foxes, guinea fowls, etc. you can also consider purchasing fox urine in purchase stores; it’s an excellent natural repellent for snakes.

Consider Natural Repellents

You may also use natural repellant to get rid of black snakes in Florida. Numerous natural products repel snakes. You can use them around your property’s perimeter, pool, garage, or anywhere you find a snake.

Here are natural repellents

  • Ammonia: when you apply ammonia around the pond, or anywhere with snake activity, it works wonders. Soak pieces of cloth in ammonia and place them in plastic bags; keep them where you suspect snake activity, and it helps keep them at bay. To get the best results, change ammonia rugs daily
  • Clove and cinnamon: combining clove and cinnamon helps repel snakes. Mix the clove and cinnamon ingredients in a spray bottle, then spray it where you saw the snake.
  • Vinegar: standard vinegar can be used as an effective snake repellent around ponds and water sources. Without diluting, pour the white vinegar at the edges of your water sources, and all snakes will keep off.
  • Lime: mix the lime with peppermint oil, then apply around the yard perimeter.
  • Garlic and onions: garlic and onions are perfect snake repellents; you can plant them around your yard, chop them both, and mix them with rock slats. Then sprinkle the mixture around your yard to repel the snakes.
  • Sulfur: is another natural repellent that keeps snakes away by its odor that snakes can’t stand. The sulfur also irritates the snakeskin, making it more effective. Apply it around your perimeter or where you experienced snake activity. When applying sulfur, ensure you wear gloves since it irritates human skin too.


You may try all the methods and still find a snake on your property. If you experience a snake invasion problem, you should reach out to a pest control company like black snakes in Florida, which will help you remove the snake. They will help you identify the snake type (venomous or non-venomous) and help you safely move it to another place away from your home.

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