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Things to Know Before Buying a Sports Bike

Riding TVS Apache RR310, wearing a black leather jacket and biker shoes, and feeling like a gangster is on the bucket list of every man. Hence after crying a river in front of your parents or being the YES-man of your wife for two months straight finally, you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket and bring that beast home.

Even though these bikes will not subject you to the danger you would be exposed if you get a 600-1000cc sports bike still, you need to keep a few things in before hitting the showroom.

Safety and Insurance First

You may be the most cautious and safe rider but accidents come without any information. Consider spending at least 10% of the price of the bike on getting the safety gear and make sure those helmets, boots, gloves, etc are certified. Try completing an MFS (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Course.Just to be a little extra careful make sure to buy bike insurance online. It will protect you to some extent if you cause injuries or damage. It can also cover medical bills, theft, damage, etc.

Think and Choose Wisely

You may be a great 150cc commuter rider but that does not necessarily mean you will be able to handle a Hayabusa. Never try your “luck” with a bigger displacement motorcycle just because the guy next door rides a 1000cc 4-incline bike as a beginner still didn’t meet with an accident.

Also purchasing a bike is very different from buying a car. Cars can be adjusted according to need and comfort but that’s not the case with bikes. Consider the seat height and the bike weight, see what fits you and then sign on the dotted line.

Go for a Hand-Me-Down

If you realize that going to hill stations on your bike was nothing but just another fad you will consider selling it away. And let’s be honest here selling out a second-hand bike is way easier than putting a brand new one on sale. Plus, sooner or later you will drop your bike. A damaged but old bike is easy to look at than a destroyed new one.

Do your Research

Whether you get your love from the showroom or buy a used one make sure to get all your legal formalities done. If buying a new one, the task becomes a little easy-just complete all the necessary paperwork. In case of a second hand, inspect the bike thoroughly and professionally. Don’t forget to check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and match it with the title. You can also consider checking with the DVM to ensure the vehicle is not ‘stolen’.

A sports bike is a dream of many bike lovers. It is just the most amazing thing that can ever happen to some people. However, it is important to be mindful of all the specifications and conditions of the new bike before you splurge such an exorbitant amount on it. Don’t forget to get yourself two-wheeler insurance before you zoom off on that beauty!

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