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What your Working Day be Like as a Medical Assistant

Are you looking for a fast-paced and varied career in the healthcare field? If so, think about becoming a medical assistant. As a medical assistant, you have flexible options in terms of where to work such as in a hospital, care facility, private practice, and more. Your responsibilities vary but they usually include giving care, greeting patients at the front desk, scheduling appointments, and others.

No matter which setting you choose, you play a significant role in serving patients and medical professionals. If you have decided to become a medical assistant, you should take advantage of quality and affordable medical assistant programs az. If you still do not know enough about the job of a medical assistant, read on.

 What you Do First Thing in your Shift

The time medical offices open vary but typically, they open at 8 a.m. If you start a job at one of these offices, you must ensure you arrive early about 15 minutes before the workday officially begins. This will help you prepare for the day. Check your schedule and ensure the supplies are stocked. Also, make sure the rooms are clean for every new patient. Depending on the scheduled procedure, you will have to prepare the room properly.

During the Arrival of Patients

Once patients arrive at the office, check them in and ensure they fill out the paperwork. Or you will have to take vitals and show them to the examination rooms. Each of these tasks is important. You need to collect proper patient information like new medications and allergies to protect their health.

After Patient Appointments

When your patients leave, you should clean the examination room. Cleaning includes wiping the surfaces down, disinfecting equipment, and changing the paper lining. The majority of physicians schedule appointments every fifteen minutes so make sure you keep everything running on schedule. Know how to deal with issues that you may come across throughout the day like the physician or patient coming in late or a patient showing up with an emergency.

End of your Working Day

Your day can only be over if the last patient leaves the facility. Your end-of-the-day jobs include cleaning the examination room, sterilizing equipment, and restocking rooms with items such as specimen jars or fresh gowns. Organizing rooms in advance will reduce the number of tasks you will need to complete the following day. Your administrative tasks can include returning phone calls, calling in prescription refills to pharmacies, and completing patient charts and documents.

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