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Basic Information about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are perhaps known by this name because they prefer human homes as their habitat. They are found in bed mattresses, soft furnishings, clothing and sofas. Bed bugs are also found in every place, where human population is present like in the residences, schools, hotels, offices, retail stores as well as in public transportations.

If you want to confirm the presence of insecte de lit, which means in English bed bug in your residence then you can contact pest professionals in your area and they can promptly confirm whether beg bugs are present or not. Besides this, they can also recommend you various course of action that you need to take in order to get rid of bed bugs from your house.

Let us try to understand these bed bugs with little more detail to understand them.


Bed bugs always like to hitchhike. They can hide in your suitcase, boxes or shoes that they find in nearby places to source their food supplies. They are elusive and nocturnal creatures. They may easily hide behind any baseboard or inside the cracks, crevices, or any folded areas of your bed, bedding or adjacent furniture. Mostly they hide in the mattresses or box springs.

Also, bed bugs can hide in any electrical switch plates, wallpapers, picture frames and nearly anywhere in your home, bus, car, or other shelter. Usually, bed bugs come out during night for their blood meal. They are too opportunistic insects and may take their blood meal anytime during the day, particularly in heavily-infested areas.

Usually, bed bugs may need just 5 – 10 minutes for engorging blood. After their feeding, they quickly move to any secluded place and remain hidden for 5 – 10 days. They do not need any feed during this time and instead spend their time in digesting the meal and mate and also lay eggs.


Usually bed bugs prefer to hide in small cracks or very close to human environment. You may find them behind wallpaper, baseboards, upholstery, and also in furniture crevices.


Though bed bugs can easily survive on the of blood of warm-blooded animals, they primarily prefer to dine on humans. They never transmit diseases, but their bites may become red and also itchy welts.

Bedbugs are not attracted to dirty environment, so if your house is infested with bedbugs it does not mean your house is unclean. However, cleaning the clutter around the house will definitely help in reducing the places they can hide.

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