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Can CBD Help With Cat Anxiety?

The soft paws, fluffy fur, and rhythmic purr of the cats are proven to be the best anxiety reliever for anyone. Nevertheless, what happens in the reversed situation? What if your cat feels anxiety? What should you do? Should you go for any treatment? Is CBD for cat anxiety answer to it?

Seeing your furball down and depressed is probably the worst thing to witness, and for that, we suggest it might just be better to go for CBD than to wait and hope for the best. It is one thing that can help you bring your cat back to life and make it feel less anxious. However, first thing first, Let’s dig out all about what CBD is, and then we’ll see how it helps your pet. Let’s find out!

What Is CBD or Cannabidiol? 

The chemical compound, CBD, comes from cannabis or hemp plant, which reduces high strain and anxiety levels. It comes in many forms like oils and edibles and is also available for animals. This product’s primal function is to mellow down anxiousness, anxiety, and to bring out the positivity. It helps in fighting sleep disorder, mood swings, and even epilepsy. 

Your cat’s safety and wellbeing are the most imperative factor to consider. So, before we see how CBD for cat anxiety works, we need to assess if it is safe to use.  

Is It Safe to Use CBD? 

As CBD is closely related to a marijuana plant, it is a common misconception that it will get your pet high and sedated. Well, that is not entirely true. According to the studies, CBD is safe to use, and till now, there have been no side effects reported about it. 

Remember that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a derivative that may cause some psychoactive issues. However, the hemp plant used in making CBD only contains 0.3% of THD; hence, it is significantly safer for animals. Now that you know what CBD and why it is safe, it is also essential to understand what causes your cat’s anxiety. 

Why Do You Need CBD for Your Cat? 

The mental stress that your cat may be going through is the focal reason that you need a CBD product. There are multiple reasons for your cat to feel this way. Any pain, illness, or even any infection can cause stress in your cat. Additionally, any dangerous situation or lack of socialization and even neglect can trigger psychological anxiety. 

Now the question arises, is CBD for cat anxiety effective? Well, the good is news is that it is, let’s see how?  

Is CBD for Cat Anxiety Helpful? 

It surely is tricky to pinpoint the exact cause for your cat anxiousness; however, it is certainly possible to find a cure for its agitation. As we all know, most vertebrates are alike. Hence, several human medicines also work on other vertebrates. So, it is sufficient to claim that CBD affects a cat in the same manner as it can impact any human.  

Positive Affect on Nervous and Immune System 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in both humans and other vertebrates like cats. According to psychology, cannabinoid receptors are present throughout any vertebrate, and ECS helps to operate various bodily systems like the nervous system and the immune system. Essentially, CBD helps enhance the working of these systems that positively affect your cat’s sleep and hunger. 

Reduces Pain 

One of the most prized effects it contains is that it reduces any bodily pain that pushes anxiety. It enhances ECS, which also reduces any soreness or inflammation your cat may be experiencing. Also, it helps in coping up with issues like vomiting and nausea that anxiousness can trigger.  

Helps Fight Neurological Disorders

CBD products are proven to be the best neuroreceptor; hence, it is most effective in combating seizures and epilepsy. 

May Control the Spread of Cancerous Cells 

What seems almost unreal is that it may be useful in curbing the cancerous cells in your cat. Although a formal study for cats regarding this matter is still to come; however, the CBD research on dogs suggests that it may be possible to control animals’ tumorous cells.  

Suffice to say that CBD for cat anxiety might be the best thing to do for your distressed cat. It not only helps to mellow down the stress but it certainly also makes your cat feel cheerful. Remember that every animal is different physically, so the dosage and frequency may differ for each; however, the effects that it contains seem to be universal for any animal.


Oil tinctures, capsules, and infused treats are three types of CBD available in the market. The model needed for your pet entirely depends on the seriousness of the condition. However, oil tinctures are the most effective among all types. Apart from this, it is best to seek medical help from a professional veterinary before opting for CBD for cat anxiety. Self-diagnosis can be harmful to your cat, so if you think your cat needs help, go for professional consultation now and make your cat cheerful and fun again.  

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