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Easy DIY Handicrafts You Can Try

Currently, we’re all endeavoring to stay home and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. These are indeed trying times and all of us are still learning how to adjust to the new normal. Some are coping better than others, using this time to work on self-growth, and learn new skills. Others are building their careers from the comfort of their homes. 

It’s been months now since we all started limiting social interaction. But there are times, of course, when staying home starts to get boring. There are only so many interesting shows to binge-watch, and you probably already finished reading all the books you own. So what else can we do this quarantine to bust our boredom? How about a good craft project that will keep you busy and relaxed in the comfort of your home? Here are some easy DIY handicrafts you can try. 

Paracord survival bracelet

If you have adventurous and outdoorsy friends, then chances are, they own a paracord survival bracelet. More than a fashion accessory, these can come in pretty handy in emergency situations. They give you enough cord to work with for fishing, sewing, building, etc. That explains why a lot of hikers and explorers have it. 

Making a paracord bracelet is super easy. All you need to do is to buy parachute cord of your preferred color and design measuring at least 10 feet in length and a small buckle or shackle. There are a lot of videos online that will guide you through tying the knots. 

Monogrammed string art

Decorations for your home can cost a lot of money. Luckily, you can create your masterpieces on your own! A monogrammed string art is surprisingly easy to make but makes for a very aesthetic piece of decor. All you need is a wood plaque, small nails, a hammer, and a long string. 

Draw a template of the design you want to make for your art decor. You can also download templates from the Internet. Cut it out so that it fits into the wood plaque. Attach the template to the wood plaque by hammering nails into alternating points. The nails should be half an inch apart and outlining your entire template. Remove the template from the plaque by simply tearing the paper off the nails. Then tie the string to one nail and secure it with a double knot. From there, you can wrap the string around all the nails however you wish, as long as the template is nicely defined. To finish, double knot the end of the string to a nail in the outermost side. 

Flower jars and pots

Having indoor plants at home is becoming quite a trend, thanks to the several benefits that plants have for human health. Making vases and pots is suddenly a good hobby to try out and can also make for a solid business idea! Before jumping into pot making, try your hand at a simpler project first — a glass jar with a hand-drawn design. 

Take a clear glass jar and oil-based paint marker in the color of your preference. Then use the marker to draw prints, patterns, letters, etc. Decorate however you want. Finally, use the jar to display flowers and leaves in your home. 

There no better boredom buster than a good craft project! Creating things by hand can become really satisfying and therapeutic. Not to mention that they can also make for good business concepts. Try your hand out first with these simple DIY projects. When you get the hang of it, you can move on to more complicated and challenging feats.

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