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Five Recommended Preventative Maintenance Checks for Industrial Air Compressors

 Preventative maintenance of air compressors ensures the proper functioning of the system as well as its parts. Therefore, it increases the longevity of the machine as well as its efficiency. Moreover, timely maintenance, repair, and replacements of industrial air compressor parts can prevent costly emergency repairs and system downtime, which consequently causes a half in production. Here are the five most important compressor parts that must be inspected and cleaned routinely to keep the machine working efficiently.

  1. Air filters

The most important part of an air compressor is its filter. Air compressors work to give pore, clean and compressed air to power several functions. The air filter makes sure that the quality is the air remains free from impurities before it leaves the compressor. A clean air filter is imperative to keep the machine working efficiently. Dirty air filters let dirt, debris, and particulates enter the air and deteriorate the quality of end-point applications. Thus, it is necessary to clean the air filters regularly and change them out at regular intervals.

  1. Oil Filter

Another one of the most crucial industrial air compressor parts that should be checked upon regularly is the oil filters which filters or any viable oil particles. Oil can severely degrade the quality of the compressed air and thus get carried to the end-point application. Oil filters should hence be checked weekly, regardless of the air compressor being lubricated or non-lubricated. The oil filter should be replaced after recommended intervals, ranging from for thousand to eight thousand hours depending on the size of the unit.

  1. Motor Bearings

The motor bearings have to be lubricated properly for the motor to function seamlessly. The bearings, which are tiny metal balls, are continuously rolling against each other and the encasement walls. This makes them prone to rust, which will gradually slide them down and finally get them stuck. Thus, lubricating them at regular intervals and inspecting them for signs of rusting will keep them working for a very long time.

  1. Lubricant

One of the most vital industrial air compressor parts or elements is the lubricant. Lubricant promotes smooth functioning of the metal parts and joints and prevents them from rusting. The tension between the metal parts often causes corrosion on the surface which ultimately leads to rust. Old lubricants can become less dense and fail to do their job. Wiping off the old lubricant and applying a fresh coat every three to six months ensures proper functioning of the metal joints and parts.

  1. Intake Parts

If the air intake vents get lined with dirt and grime, it becomes harder for the air compressor to purify and compress it. Therefore, users have to ensure that the intake vents are regularly cleaned so the air inside the machine can be as clean as possible.


To ensure that all the parts apart from the ones mentioned above are inspected and maintained regularly, a check schedule for preventative maintenance should be created. This schedule can help the user conveniently keep track of all the upcoming maintenance checks. Furthermore, with scheduled regular checks on such parts, the longevity period of air compressors can be increased drastically.

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