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How would the internet look like without the services of an SEO agency?

If the services offered by an SEO agency wouldn’t exist, creating a business website, whether we are talking about an e-shop or a presentation page for your products or services, would be similar to opening a lemonade stand inside a garage, with the door closed.

The comparison belongs to American online marketing specialists, who explain that nobody from the outside could ever know that the business exists unless you invest significant amounts of money in advertising.

The work of an SEO agency allows companies to make their businesses well-known by using nothing more than well-written content, informative and relevant, updated constantly. Websites continue to spend large amounts on paid ads (Google Ads), but organic traffic, obtained through users’ searches, is constantly growing and generates far more leads (potential customers) since the targeting is much more specific.

The only way companies could obtain more and more organic traffic, brand awareness, new customers, and, eventually, a higher profit is by opting to work with an SEO agency. They will perform an audit of the website, will create or change the keyword strategy, will optimize the content on the website (on-page) according to that strategy, and will regularly create new original content, about the products and services of that business, which they will publish either on the client’s website (as blog articles) or on other websites with great authority (a process known as link building).

In these conditions, the question “Are SEO agencies still relevant in 2021?” is unnecessary, even if so-called “experts” rushed countless times to announce the “death” of Search Engine Optimization.

The truth is that SEO is not gone, on the contrary, it’s more useful and effective than ever, transforming with time from a technical activity (creating meta tags, link exchange, link building, etc) into an activity oriented towards user experience (creating original and relevant content, a faster page loading speed, easy browsing, etc).

Google’s algorithms, by far the biggest and most used search engine in the world, have evolved during the years, removing from the first search engine results pages the sites that played “dirty”, practicing the so-called “black hat SEO” (keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicate content, etc). Instead, as we mentioned before, the SEO agencies that play by the book, considering Search Engine Optimization a means of helping their clients sell more rather than an end in itself, are advantaged.

Google and SEO, a love/hate relationship

For this reason, some see the relationship between Google and SEO as a “love/hate” one. On the one hand, Google “hates” SEO agencies because they help websites reach the highest rankings in SERP organically, without offering the search engine money (for showing them in Google Ads).

On the other hand, Google “loves” SEO agencies because they lead to relevant results, and users will continue to use this search engine instead of Yahoo or Bing since they will  always find what they are searching for, both literally, and figuratively.

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