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How Twitter Celebrities Leverage Their Personal Brands in 5 Easy Ways

Celebrities with the Twitter verified badge tend to be well-versed in the art of leveraging the personal brand to promote their interests on social media and capture the attention of users. Here are five ways that they do this.

In today’s world, where a strong digital presence has undoubtedly become a necessity, social media account verification is paramount to boost your brand visibility. Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms for brands and influencers. However, getting verified on Twitter can be challenging, and it isn’t possible to buy Twitter verification directly either. Yet, successful celebrities know a hack around this.

Celebrities with the Twitter verified badge tend to be well-versed in the art of leveraging the personal brand to promote their interests on social media and capture the attention of users. Here are five ways that they do this:

1) Building Connections by Treating Fans Like Family

What do fans expect from celebrities? A little attention or involvement in their daily lives. Twitter is a platform that allows celebrities to connect with their fans on an emotional level and in a safe environment. Sharing glimpses of their personal lives creates a sense of empathy among fans and brings them closer. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake often surprise their fans by replying to them, liking their comments, or retweeting their tweets.

2) Creating Awareness About Their Personal Brands

Celebrities are themselves a brand for their fans. Their fans’ love for them automatically instills trust when they promote their movies, music, books, clothing brand, shows, etc. Sharing their thoughts behind the inception of their personal brands keeps them in the spotlight. One of the easiest ways to do this on Twitter is to use hashtags. By using relevant hashtags, celebrities can bring out the vital elements of their brand and receive a lot of traction. Twitter verification for entrepreneurs and musicians is equally important to build strong brand awareness as it enormously bolsters your credibility.

3) Hiring a PR Agency

Timing plays an integral role in effective brand promotion. The faster you increase the visibility of your brand, the greater the recognition it gets on Twitter. Successful celebrities entrust professional PR agencies with this task who manage everything from end to end. You can reach out to a reputed online PR agency to promote your brand on Twitter and take advantage of their expertise and efficiency to acquire a Twitter verified badge.

Today, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, and musicians can rely on agencies that specialize in streamlining their digital strategy and make it easy to get verified and increase their online visibility.

4) Being Relevant and Relatable

To remain relevant and in the spotlight, it is important as a celebrity to be relatable to your target audience. Twitter gives celebrities a chance to be in the limelight and create a buzz around their brands. Live-tweeting is the most effective way for celebrities to popularize their brands, shows, movies, books, or music. When they share relevant, compelling information on their Twitter accounts, more people follow them and become loyal to their brand. Elon Musk talks about his interests in cryptocurrency and shares memes with his fans on Twitter. This way, he has become one of the most influential and widely-followed celebrities on Twitter. And does he have a Twitter verified badge? You bet!

5) Influencing Public Opinion

Celebrities with a substantial following on Twitter and other social media platforms have the ability to influence a large number of people with their opinions. They have strong professional clout, which can prove extremely useful when they want to address a matter of public concern and make their voices heard. Be it for social issues or to deal with any situation within their network, it is much easier to influence public opinion when they have a strong and consistent brand presence on social media. And the Twitter verified badge goes a long way in enhancing that.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most preferred social media platforms of today. So, if you are keen to promote your personal brand on Twitter and become more famous, keep the above tips in mind and see your personal brand soar!

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