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Personal Trainer Insurance is a Must and here’s why

Personal Trainer Insurance is a Must and Here’s Why

In any business, it is of vital importance to be prepared in the event something goes wrong. Public liability insurance is the main source of cover personal trainers need as it keeps them covered in the event of facing a claim for compensation from a client or another member of public in the event of an accident or injury.

As a personal trainer, it is in their nature to push everyone to their limits and although they do everything to ensure they avoid any mishaps during their training, accidents can happen. Making sure you have a good policy in place can ensure you are protected; this article will look at why it is so important.

Save Money

Many personal trainers are self-employed and therefore it very important to protect yourself from any potential claims. Claims come in all different amounts for a variety of reasons but if you leave yourself unprotected a claim could be enough to financially cripple a personal trainer. The outcome of this would likely be losing your business and could have further fallback on your personal life seeing yourself paying other forms of repayment.


If you are the owner of a personal trainer business, you would also be liable for any potential claims against your staff. These staff represent your business and it is important to be prepared for anything that may go wrong with their sessions. Additionally, should you need to fire any member of your staff for any number of reasons it could end on bad circumstances and see that previous member of staff looking to claim for an unfair dismissal. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue to be considered also and you want to be covered should you find yourself dealing with a member of staff that has acted inappropriately. There are a number of things that could go wrong with staff and being insured can make you feel more comfortable that something is in place for if things go wrong.


Continuing from mentioning sexual harassment involving any staff, there is also potential when working very closely with clients that they might feel a trainer has acted inappropriately. This is, unfortunately, a common reason for why claims can be pursued, should something happen within your business it is important you are covered. Many personal trainers are expected to bring results and if a client was working closely with a trainer for a while and was not maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside the gym they might be unsettled with their progress. This could also potentially lead to a claim against your business and is important to be covered for. Personal trainers often work in gyms with their clients and put them through intense workouts for every group muscle to help them achieve results. Due to the nature of the workouts, this often includes working with weights and can sometimes result in injury. Even when it is no fault of the trainer, they are responsible for their clients and its important to be covered just in case.

Overall, there are so many risks to your business and without personal training insurance whether you are self employed or running a business with multiple trainers. Insured gyms won’t cover you for any accidents as a trainer unless you are directly employed by them and even still it is best to check you are covered. The financial implications that can come about when facing any claim against you can be catastrophic and it is a must to keep yourself covered.

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