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What To Think About When Relocating To A New Town Or City

It is one thing to consider moving within the city or town you are currently living in. You know the neighbourhoods and you already have your favourite haunts. However, moving to a new region where you have not lived before is a completely different undertaking. Not only do you not know the best restaurants and yoga studios you also do not know the community that suits you and your family’s needs.

Moving is always a big step but uprooting your life and starting another one in a completely different and foreign environment can be daunting. Trying to buy a home from a distance is not an easy thing to accomplish. A neighbourhood like Springfarm Yorkville with homes for sale may be the perfect place to set down roots but there are some things you will want to consider before making the big move.

Contemplate Renting for a few Months 

One thing I have learned when moving to a new city is that I might fall in love with an area right away but not realize there is another neighbourhood that suits me better a short distance away. Though there may be restrictions to where you buy because of schools or job opportunities communities can vary widely within blocks of one another. Renting for a few months ensures you make the right decision for your longer-term home.

Choice of Schools 

If you have children you will want to familiarize yourself with the schooling options. In a smaller centre you may only have one choice but in the city there may be many schools in a close vicinity. If you want to put the kids in French Immersion or a private school you need to know what is available. Long-term thinking may mean you want to be close to a college or university.

Amenities and Walkability 

If  being near amenities and high walkability scores matter to you research which area is best for you to settle into. While some people may not mind driving to work and their children’s after-school activities others want to be able to ride their bike or walk a short distance to yoga studios and community centres. Living in a city or downtown hub may be better for those not wanting a car though. Walking your children to school is always great. 

Restaurants and Bars 

If you are single or a couple but childless having a bustling restaurant and bar scene may be important to you. Spend some time on the internet educating yourself on the areas with an active social scene. If you want to buy a condo or townhouse it might be preferable to purchase right in the middle of it all. When talking to your realtor make sure to mention this as they will know the perfect neighbourhood that suits your needs.

Parks and Outdoor Space 

Some people are A-okay with living in the middle of a concrete jungle and parks and outdoor spaces may not factor into their decision-making process when renting or buying a home in a different city. Others, however feel that having parks to take their children or dogs to are mandatory in their future community. You should keep this in mind when researching your move. 

Doctors and Dentists 

When you have lived in an area for a long period of time you will likely be set up with things like doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. When moving to a new city or town you have to take the time to look into this. In some areas replacing the professionals in your life is challenging and contacting some before you move may mean getting onto their waiting lists sooner rather than later.

Neighbourhood Vibes 

Sometimes being happy in an unfamiliar city or town comes down to finding a postal code that fits your personal vibe. If you are artistic you will likely be more fulfilled in an area with museums, and art galleries. If high-rises are your thing then living in the downtown core is a must. If you are looking for a community for your young family then you should mention this to your realtor.

Know What You Want

Leaving your current familiar city or town behind can be an overwhelming and scary prospect, but if you take the time to do some research and set yourself up before the move it will all run more smoothly ensuring fulfillment in the long-term. Make sure you know what you want and talk to your realtor about filling your various needs before you buy.

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