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Everything You Should Know About Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof

Solar energy has grown in popularity in recent years and with the help of decreasing costs, more people are looking towards making this transition. However, it is still a big investment with many things to consider before proceeding. The challenge is that not many people have made the transition to solar as of yet, which makes it difficult to get a wide range of reviews that can give buyers insight into the process. With that being said, it would not hurt to double-check that contractors know what they are doing. Asking for qualifications while shopping around for different companies can help gauge who has more credibility and a better quote. Selecting a company that appears to have a strong future ahead of them is something else to keep in mind because if any further maintenance is required a few years later, it would be easier if the company was still around.

Another thing that has to be looked at is whether or not the roof is suitable to provide solar energy. This may be common sense, but if the roof has minimal sunlight to receive it would not be efficient in gathering electricity and as a result would not be worth the investment. Looking at the surrounding environment is also vital. It would be unfortunate if several years later a tree grows resulting in all the solar panels being covered in shade. If there is enough sunlight to make the investment worth it, then the next thing that should be considered is the condition of the roof itself. Companies like Dane Roofing offer free roof inspections that would not hurt to take advantage of. Remember, solar panels are usually a long-term investment, so making sure that the roof will still be in good condition a decade later would be beneficial. It would be irritating to find out that a roofing issue needs fixing and have to pay additional fees just to dismount and reinstall the panels. As advised by the Dane Roofing Company, they will not be held accountable if there is any damage or poor connectivity of reinstalled units. With that being said, it would be best to make sure that the roof is sturdy for years to come and avoid any additional stresses.

When it comes to solar energy there are two common options. There is photovoltaic that converts sunlight to energy or there is thermal that uses sunlight to heat water or air to use indoors. The best choice is the one that is most efficient and cost-effective towards the home. Checking to see how much energy is used in the home can give an idea of what would be beneficial. Certain homes have higher expenses when it comes to heating the home so thermal might be the better choice and could see a return on the investment sooner. Another thing to keep in mind is that certain states have their own policies regarding how to credit the energy you are producing. Some states might not credit enough on the electrical bill to make the return on investment worth it. Yet, another alternative could be to lease the solar panels to ease the financial burden. This could provide cheaper electricity for less money upfront and no worry about future maintenance or replacement of parts. Keep in mind though that leasing does not give ownership of the system and once the lease is up, they may take the panels away. At the end of the day, it is all about comparing the cost of each investment and how much return there will be on the investment.

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