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Why and how to monetize your social media account?

Everyone and their dog is on social media right now: businesses, public figures, teens, adults, and everything in between. A consequence of this is that influencers earn more and more money with their posts and the content that they create. If you want to join the influencing world and are interested in how to monetize your social media account, this article will give you all the details you need to know.

Of course, none of this is possible without followers, fans, admirers, or an online community. If you managed to get some attention on social media and want to earn a pretty penny from it, you are probably interested in how to monetize your social media account. When you are on Facebook, Instagram, or other similar platforms, monetizing your account may not be an option for you right now. That’s where fan apps come into play. A fan app like qrush.com is specifically designed to help influencers reach their audience, connect with their fans, and earn money with the content they create.

What is qrush.com?
This trending new platform has very few limits when compared to classic social media, that’s why influencers from all fields of activity (fashion, gaming, fitness, cooking, health, modeling, how-to, etc.) are jumping on this current opportunity. If you want to monetize your social media account, qrush.com is the place to be. You just need to set up an influencer account and you will even get a vanity URL. If you don’t know what that is, check out Averilellis‘s profile on the app!

monetize your social media account | qrush.com

After you open the account, you will have two profile pages: one that is free and another that can only be accessed by your fans via a subscription. You can choose your subscription price. The platform will retain 20% of your total income from the site, but because it is a new app, you now have the chance of earning 90% of the total income that comes from your subscribers. Choosing the subscription price may be a difficult thing to balance, because a high price may not always get you the highest earnings possible.

The strategy is fairly easy: you attract fans using your free profile page (giving them an idea of the content you will be posting on the private page) and you keep them engaged through your private page. Although it may sound easy, you need to look at this from a business perspective. That’s why you should also have a marketing strategy. With so many social media platforms at your fingertips, this is not a hard thing to manage. You just need to make sure that every piece of content you create and every post on social media can send to your qrush.com profile. That’s where you will be able to monetize your social media account. If your fans want more content from you, they just need to subscribe to your channel.

Of course, you will need to offer fresh and interesting content in order to keep your fans engaged and enjoy more subs. Another important detail is that qrush.com offers you certain features to connect with your fans and earn even more money: Pay-Per-View messages, Paid DM’s, and Video Calls. These features will allow you to keep in touch with your fans and increase your earnings on the platform.

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